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Admission safety education rules and regulations
"Hidden trouble" is formed by the common coupling of the unsafe state of the object and the defect of the management, and once there is an accident hazard objectively, people subjectively behave unsafe behavior, it will immediately lead to the occurrence of the accident.
The direct cause of the accident is due to the unsafe behavior of the person and the unsafe state of the object. However, the direct cause of “human error” and “material failure”is often the cause of management defects, which, although indirect reasons, but it is the background factor, but also the nature of the cause of the accident.
In view of the mechanism of the formation of the accident, we want to ensure safe production, in addition to the need to rely on scientific safety management and corresponding security measures, should be widely carried out production safety publicity and education, so that leaders at all levels and the masses of workers really recognize the importance of safe production, the need to.
Rules and regulations:
1.Workers who participate in the production of the enterprise should love their own work, study hard, improve political, cultural, professional and technical and operational skills, and actively participate in the activities of safe production, put forward suggestions for improving safety work, improve safety production.
2.Abide by labor discipline, obey the leadership and safety inspection personnel command, work thought concentration, adhere to the post, without permission shall not be engaged in non-this type of work; prohibited drink to work.
3.Strict implementation of operational procedures(including safety and quality of technical operational procedures and procedures, etc.) shall not be in violation of the command and illegal operations, the command of illegal orders have the right to refuse, and have the responsibility to stop others illegal operations.
4.Obey the command of the team leader, obey the distribution, unite together to complete the task of good production.
5.Proper use of personal protective equipment, high-altitude operations and dangerous operations must wear a helmet, buckle good hat, not wearing slippers, high heels or bare feet to work; not wearing a hard bottom and easy to slide with a nail shoes on the air.
6.During the lifting work, no one shall fire from the boom hanging objects through.
7.The work in the construction site should pay attention to the transportation of vehicles and mechanical lifting.
8.You must not make a joke or make a joke at your place of work or at work to avoid an accident.
9.Before going to work should check whether the necessary tools are in good condition, the high altitude work carried tools should be placed in the tool bag, with the use of with the take. Before the operation should check the operating site is safe, the road is smooth, the protective measures are perfect. After the completion of the work should be used to recover the tool, so as not to fall wounding.
10.High-altitude operations, are not allowed to throw up and down tools, materials, etc., shall not operate at the bottom of the high-altitude operations, such as the need to cross up and down operations must take effective protective measures.
11.In the absence of protective facilities in the height,, cliff and Steep Slope operations, must fasten your seat belt.
12.In case of bad weather, the wind in more than six, should stop the high Open operation.
13.After the storm, to check their own operation site before the scaffolding has no distortion.If the deformation in a timely manner to notify the team leader and the construction staff, send maintenance, confirm the safety before the shelves can be operated.
14.Those who suffer from hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy, dysentery and other suitable for high-altitude operations, shall not engage in high-altitude operations.
15.Do not stand on a brick wall or other uneasy all-bit installation of equipment, pipes, etc.
16.Site materials piled up to tidy solid, handling materials, semi-finished products, etc. should be carried out from top to bottom, not from the bottom up or intermediate extraction, so as not to cause injuries and other accidents.
17.Are not allowed to use electric furnace, kerosene furnace, liquefied gas stove in the site, are not allowed to set up any stove.
18.Work in flammable, explosive places, non-fire, smoking and so on.
19.On-site power switches, wire lines and a variety of mechanical equipment, non-operator shall not be used. Use hand-held power tools, personal protective equipment should be worn, the power cord to overhead.
20.Without the consent of the party, shall not be misappropriated party a Equipment.
21.If you need to move or use the party equipment and equipment, agreed to by the party responsible person. If the case without the consent of the party, all of our personnel shall not act for themselves

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